Hemp Decortication

The Decortication and Cleaning equipment machinery is manufactured in the UK to strict engineering standards. 

We can offer a complete service from ‘Field to Fibre’ for industrial hemp fibre production.

Our decortication & cleaning process has a gentle opening action to maintain the fibre length, so it is suitable for subsequent processing.

We have in the UK two of the most efficient hemp decortication lines operating in the world. This efficiency is measured in machine utilization, low maintenance costs and machine operatives.

Tatham manufactures:

·         Robot Feeder for 5 ft wide x 6 ft dia. retted stalk round bales input up to 4000Kg per hour

·         Hopper feed for rectangular retted stalk bales with an input up to 2000Kg per hour

·         Shaker Cleaner

·         Crushing rollers

·         Pickers

·         Step Cleaners

·         Conveyor System for Shiv collection SCC

·         Delivery wheels

·         Dust Fans

·         Horizontal Baling Press

Tatham decortication lines take care of both the shiv and the fibre.

For each 1000 Kg of stalk there is a maximum potential yield of 300 Kg of fibre and 600 Kg of shiv so both products require commercial solutions.

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