Fibre Opening

The choice of the most suitable opening and blending machines for a particular product is paramount to the success of the production line.

For nonwoven products this usually requires two or three bale opener hoppers with precise weight control to accurately deliver the required blend of fibres to the web forming machine.

For home textiles such as pillows, cushions and duvets we can offer a simpler cost effective opening, blending and filling solution.

For natural fibres such as wool Tatham offers traditional bale openers, step cleaning , fearnought (carding willow) and oiling solutions. For bast fibres (such as hemp, flax and nettle) we offer innovative decortication and cleaning machinery.

All equipment can be supplied so it is suitable for low-production applications such as medical grade fibre processing (alginate & cellulose materials) and R&D or academic institutions.

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