Fibre Bonding

Needle punching and thermal bonding are the two key technologies for nonwoven material production.

Tatham together with its strategic partners can supply the technology required for any application

Needle punch technology
Machinery to bond a batt of fibres by mechanical entanglement using barbed needles
Pre-needler with batt feeding system
Finisher needleloom
Structured needleloom
Velour needleloom

Working widths 300-8000mm
Needle density 1000-8000 n/m
Stroke 25-60mm
Speed upto 1200rpm
Magnesium alloy/ PU combined needle board
Pneumatic needleboard clamping
Central lubrication system
Auto top dead centre feature
Advanced control system

Thermal bonding & drying technology
Machinery to bond a batt of fibres by melting low-melt fibres in a hot through-air oven and cooling system for reinforcement.
Single layer oven
Double belt oven

Working width up to 5000mm
Product weight 60-1500 gsm
Product thickness 3-200mm
Surface temperature up to 220 C
Alternative heating methods (electric, gas, hot oil)

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