The world of nonwoven fabrics and structures knows no limits and continues to grow worldwide for home, industrial, hygiene, medical, automotive, aerospace, composites, geotextile.

Modern textile production must be sustainable and eco friendly with energy saving at the forefront.

There are many technologies- carding , airlay, wet lay, spunbond, hydroentanglement, thermobonding, needling.

Tatham expertise is the processing of long and short staple fibres.

Man Made New Fibres Natural
Polyester Carbon Wool
Polypropylene Aramids Cotton
Acrylic Alginates Hemp
Bicomponent Kevlar Bast Fibres
Melt Fibres   Rare Fine Fibres
Nylon   Nettles
We provide machinery from opening and blending, web formation carding and airlay, crosslapper and thermo bonding, needle looms and winding/slitting.

Recycling of waste direct from the production line or from the market.

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